Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) Battery Packs

Balancell manufactures a range of industry-leading Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery packs for a broad range of stationary and motive applications. Balancell’s proprietary Battery Management System brings unique and powerful functionality to our battery packs:

Real-time, online monitoring of all your batteries, including usage logs, state of charge and battery health information. Configurable measurement and logging are done via onboard accelerometer sensors. Notifications and alerts make for peace of mind. Acceleration, high-G events and tilt angle.

Real-time monitoring & battery fleet management

Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) is the safest commercial lithium battery chemistry. Combined with our short-circuit protection, overcharge and overdischarge protection, our integral safety valve and ceramic membrane technology, it makes for the simplest and safest battery.

Exceptional safety and protection – plug and play batteries with an on-off switch!

Fast charging with any charger – Balancell’s battery management system manages and protects the battery cells against overcharging, overdischarging and general abuse, enabling you to use any charger with our batteries. Opportunity charge at any time with no reduction in battery life.

Fast charging

Continuous measurement of battery pack and individual cell SoC, temperature, voltage, charge and location. Parameter accuracy better than 0.1%. This combined with real-time monitoring enables battery leasing and energy-as-a-service business models.

Continuous and accurate measurement enables battery rental

Improved battery life through passive balancing power electronics and charge cycle management.

Improved battery life

Our standard range of LFP batteries (24V 100 Ah to 80V 800 Ah) will satisfy most application requirements – if not, contact us for your custom requirements. (See our Downloads page for detailed specifications for our standard range.)


Contact us for your custom requirements

Experience the new standard in battery performance, reliability and safety for yourself.

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