UPS – Data Centres

What is the number one reason for having an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)? To ensure business continuity and minimise losses due to downtime.

Why then is UPS failure the number one cause of data centre downtime?

Because battery health is not visible, batteries need to be maintained, they deteriorate over time (especially when not maintained properly) and problems manifest only when the batteries are needed in the event of a failure. Out of sight, out of mind.

With Balancell LFP batteries’ real-time online monitoring, zero maintenance and early warning notifications and alerts, you never have to worry about your UPS system leaving you in the lurch when you really need it. Reduce your business risk, battery maintenance and cost with Balancell’s batteries.

UPS – Telecommunications Towers

Mobile telecommunications towers need to keep going in the event of a power failure. Whilst there are battery monitoring systems available on the market, none have the measurement accuracy and predictive maintenance capability of Balancell’s Battery Management System (BMS). Avoid unnecessary repair trips and surprise system failures with Balancell batteries.

Renewables storage

The energy revolution is happening, with wind and solar prices continuing to decrease at a rapid pace, promising to make energy more accessible and affordable. However, intermittency remains a key problem holding back further adoption of renewable energy sources. Lead acid batteries are not well suited to this application, due to issues such as maintenance requirements, limited depth of discharge, limitations to discharge rate.

Whilst LFP batteries are technically much superior to lead acid batteries, and well suited to renewables storage, cost has historically been a major constraint. However, LFP battery prices have decreased dramatically over the past several years, and now LFP batteries are the obvious choice for renewables.

With Balancell’s smart Battery Management System (BMS), protection against short-circuits, overcharging, overdischarging, overvoltage and undervoltage, the Balancell LFP batteries are the perfect companion to commercial-scale renewable energy generators.

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