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Experience the new standard in Batteries

Balancell builds world-class Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery packs for industrial and commercial applications, using its world-leading battery management technology. Cost-effective and cloud-connected with data analytics, individual cell balancing, real-time monitoring and smart alerts.

Reduce Your Costs:

Rent Balancell Batteries

Balancell’s rental option enables you to control your costs and have battery peace of mind. With guaranteed performance, reduced maintenance, super fast charging and real-time monitoring, your batteries have never performed this well or required so little management!

Contact us now to discuss how we can increase your productivity, reduce your risk and save you money.

Battery-powered asset

fleet management

How many call-outs do you have because of flat batteries? Do you really know when and how your battery-powered assets are being used? Are you sure where your assets are at all times?


With Balancell’s patented Battery Management System (BMS), you have real-time visibility of all your battery-powered assets, including usage logs, location, battery health and state of charge, acceleration, high-G events, tilt angle measurement and battery life prediction.


Have complete visibility and control of your battery-powered asset fleet at all times.

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