Why Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP)?

Why Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries instead of lead-acid batteries?

Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries improve dramatically on lead acid battery performance in several areas, including depth of discharge, lifetime (cycles), weight, recharge time and efficiency.

Fast charging means 24/7 availability.


With a fast charger, the battery can be charged 80% in 80 min. No cool-down period required, unlike lead-acid batteries. No battery swopping. Opportunity charge any time, any amount.

Much longer battery life.


Up to 5 times longer battery life than lead acid batteries. More than 2000 cycles. Rental option available, capacity guaranteed.

Real-time monitoring.


Real-time, online monitoring of all your batteries, including usage logs, state of charge and battery health information. Configurable notifications and alerts make for peace of mind.

No deterioration when not in use.


Battery can be left indefinitely at any state of charge.

No maintenance, gassing or ventilation.


No deionized/distilled water top-up, no weekly 4-hour equalization charge, no monthly battery top cleaning, no risk of sulphuric acid spills or injury, no periodic battery testing. LiFePO4 is the safest Li-ion technology. Balancell’s advanced battery management system (BMS) automatically protects against overcharging & overdischarging, and provides continuous battery monitoring.

Doesn't slow down during discharge.


Unlike with lead acid batteries, your electric vehicle won’t slow or lose power during discharge.

Why lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) instead of other lithium ion chemistries?

  • No cobalt

  • Safest of all the commercial lithium battery chemistries

  • Higher current rating

  • Longer cycle life

  • Good thermal stability

  • Better tolerance to abuse

Balancell's LFP Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

1/8th the energy loss per cycle

Balancell's LFP Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

5x the number of recharge cycles

Balancell's LFP Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

1/5th the recharge time

Balancell's LFP Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Zero cool-down time

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